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Buddha Charms

Buddha Charms, Buddha Keychains

Buddha charms and Buddha keychains are used to bring you good luck and prevent from bad spirits.  We also have varieties of Lucky Charms ,  Guan Yin Charms , feng shui keychains, and Buddha statues.

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SKU: 3819
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The Buddha charm has one black stone fat stomach laughing Buddha with Buddha praying beads, mystic knot and tassel. Laughing Buddha is used to bring happiness and good luck.
SKU: 3818
$17.99 $15.99
The Buddha charm has one Sakyamuni Buddha head with Buddha praying beads, mystic knot and tassel. Buddha head is used to suppress down bad spirits and prevent you from evils.
SKU: 2123
This crystal Buddha charm has the image of Sakya Buddha (Shi Jia Mo Ni Fo) who is ancestor of Buddha. Such Buddha charm is used for protections and warding off accident and improving harmony.
SKU: 3724
This mobile phone charm has one jade Buddha hand. Buddha hand is said to give people a strong support and ward off bad energy.
SKU: 1006
The Chinese character on it is Fo which is the meaning of Buddha. When you shake it, you will also hear beautiful sound.
SKU: 271
This crystal charm has the image of Buddha Children. Buddha Children is believed to bring children to people. Hanging such Buddha children crystal charm is good for whom wishes to have children.
SKU: 214
Feng Shui Bells are used to clean environment and bring good luck. One side has Kuan Yin picture and another side has the Buddha character. There are two dragons on the top of the feng shui bell.
SKU: 310
Good Luck Charm has Buddha picture in one side. The another side of the good luck charm is the Chinese character "Safety"
SKU: 5253
Featuring of image of laughing Buddha on one side and dragon image on the reverse side, this metal laughing Buddha charm is used as amulet charm to bring happiness, wealth and protection.
SKU: 2771
Buddha is the symbol of wealth and happiness. Carrying metal Buddha key chain is good for protection and bringing good luck.
SKU: 2596
Crystal charm with Feng Shui knot and red tassel has the image of Wealthy God to bring wealth and good luck as what the Chinese auspicious words say.
SKU: 2796
This crystal charm has the image of Wen Shu Pu Sa (Bodhisattva of Wisdom). Wen Shu Pu Sa is regarded as one of the four well known Bodhisattva in China's Buddhism. He has five hair buns on his head. He is the Buddha representing wisdom, sagacity and judic