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Amethyst Jewelry, Amethyst Tree

Amethyst jewelry has amethyst pendant necklace and amethyst bracelets. Amethyst gemstone also has amethyst tree, amethyst wand, amethyst pendulum, amethyst tumbled stones, amethyst pyramid and natural amethyst geode, etc.

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Natural amethyst geode are believed to have magical power to calm down and release stress. They can let people drive away anxiety, fear and worry. Displaying natural amethyst geode at the bedroom can bring you a peaceful sleep. Natural amethyst geode are
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The gemstone pendant is made of Occo Slice with amethyst. Wearing amethyst pendant is believed to balance emotion and bring peace. It also can guard against psychic problems and relieve pain, headaches.
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There is 2 oz of irregular shaped crushed crystal quartz pieces in one bag. Each of tiny tumbled chip stones is in the range of 0.1-0.25 inch.