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Blue Wu Lou Charm
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This beautiful 10" bejeweled five element pagoda, glistening in vibrant color and design, is used to suppress down the menacing effect of Five Yellow in 2018 the year of the dog.
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This beautiful majestic rubber finish golden standing rooster with feng shui ru yi, coins and ingots under it is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth in for the year of the rooster 2017.
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These 3 Chinese Coins are tied together in red thread in feng shui are called wealthy coins or lucky coins. It is said to put these wealthy coins inside purse, wallet, or handbag can attract more wealthy chi and bring wealth.
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This beautiful majestic rubber finish golden standing rooster stepping on one big ingot filled with ingots, coins and feng shui ru yi to represent wealth, good luck, prosperity and Doing everything well for the year of the rooster 2017.
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Glistening in shinning gold and accented with colorful stones, this 5 Dzambala Prayer Wheel Keychain can safeguard your financial luck and enhance your wealth.
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This 5 Element Pagoda keychain is attaching with one Tree of Life. 5 Element Pagoda is specially designed to lower the effect of the deadly flying star 5 Yellow. The Tree of Life give us vigorous life.
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5 Element Pagoda is used to decrease the power of Flying Star Five Yellow. Flying Star Five Yellow can cause sick and disease. Carrying this 5 Element Pagoda Key chain will lower the power of Five Yellow and lower the change to get sick.
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This beautiful smooth hand crafted dark rosewood lacquered finish 5.5" fish bowl stand with 5-high-leg has good quality, sturdy and heavy. It can be as classic display flower stand for ceramic porcelain fish bowls, vases, planters, pots, urns, etc.
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8 Symbol is used to activate Flying Star 8 White which is in charge of wealth and fortune. Water represent wealth in feng shui. This 8 Water Feature combines both of them.
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The beautiful gold and red 8 wealth trees, vibrantly colored birds, and colorful gems are designed to increase one’s luck, prosperity, and good fortune created by the annual #8 Prosperity Star.
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This house-shaped water fountain has one crystal ball and wheel. Water makes the crystal ball rolling, falls down to the pot, then to the wheel and make the wheel running.
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The Eight White flying star is the emperor star in Period 8. Eight White is in control of wealth and fortune. This bejeweled 8 amulet is the excellent energizer to activate the Eight White good flying star. It is the feng shui product to..