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Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino Statues, Rhino Charms, Rhino Amulets

Feng shui blue rhino can lower down the inauspicious flying star #7 which causes lose and violence. There are feng shui rhino statues, rhino charms,  rhino elephant statues and rhino anti burglary talisman amulets in this category.  

Check our yearly feng shui tips 2016 for location of the flying stars (We will update it to feng shui tips 2015 soon).

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SKU: 3515
This Anti Burglary plaque has images of blue rhino and elephant with mantra and auspicious clouds. Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant is one of the best feng shui cures to subdue the violence and accidents. Mantra is bringing endless protections whilst auspici
SKU: 2218
Feng Shui blue Rhinoceros is an excellent feng shui symbol that can ward off the ominous flying star and deflect violating energy that will cause robbery, accidents, office politics, biz competitors and backstabbing.
SKU: 3659
$22.00 $15.99
This Chung Kwei amulet has image of Chung Kwei, elephant and rhino. Chung Kwei (Zhong Kui), who is well known in China, is believed that he can see evil spirits or ghosts and catch evil spirits or ghosts .
SKU: 4825
Featuring of one rhino standing on one pole carved with elephants and rhino, this item is specially designed to subdue the flying star #7 which causes potential of burglary and violence.
SKU: 1939
Rhinoceros Figurine is always used to safeguard one's career from accidental mishaps.
SKU: 2035
Feng Shui Rhinoceros are used to safeguard one's career from accidental mishaps.
SKU: 3859
$19.99 $15.99
This feng shui protective amulet has the images of elephant and rhino with double sword and powerful talisman on one side and powerful Daikini on the another side. It is recommended for those who work at night or travel a lot.
SKU: 2719
Rhino and Elephant Door Plaque is powerful talisman to protect the house against fighting, robbery, stealing, accidence caused by 7 Red Flying Star.
SKU: 3173
Rhinoceros and Elephant amulet is the combination of double horned rhinoceros and elephant. Rhino and Elephant amulet is one of best cure to Flying star 7 Red which causes violence.
SKU: 3665
$118.00 $98.00
This beautiful water fountain adds the feature of the blue rhino and elephant. When it is plugged in, water is pumped to the top of the fountain and makes the crystal running. In feng shui, running crystal , water, blue rhino and elephant stand for..