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This brass wu lou is the perfect feng shui item for metal cure. According to 5 element theory, metal element which brass wu lou belongs to can decrease the Earth element.

From the the ancient China, brass wu lou is used to suppress down monster and be taken to ward off evil and illness chi. Therefore it is the symbolization of good health.

The mouth of the wu lou is small and bottom is big. So it is considered to hold treasure. Therefore brass Wu Lou is one of eight treasures.

There is red tassel attached to this brass wu lou to represent good luck. In addition, the picture of longevity god on it also stands for long life.

The dimension of this metal wu lou is approx. 3" in height. It is made of alloy and it can be either by hanged or displayed.

See more Wu Lou.

Irma Cortez on 04/13/2010 07:57am
Ever Since I got this product I feel more healthy and alive. I had some allergies and a runny stuffy nose. When I got this Wu Lou Brass Guard, I hanged it in my room and loss weight. I also love this product because they are beautifully packaged and with a product description. Thankyou Feng Shui Import You will never let me down. Thankyou
Irma Cor4tez on 04/13/2010 07:50am
I love this product! I used to have a runny stuffy nose and some allergies, but ever since I got this Wu lou Brass Gaurd, I felt more healthy and lose some weight.Thankyou Feng Shui Import you will never let me down. I got my package yesterday on 4/12/2010. Thankyou!

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