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This category contains other feng shui items, such as feng shui compass, feng shui mobiles, feng shui flute, feng shui money tree, double happiness sign, Bai Choi, salt lamp, mystic knots, red tassel, zen garden, lucky bamboo plants and kinetic art, etc feng shui items.

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SKU: 729
Hanging two feng shui Bamboo Flutes with red tassel on the wall at the end of the falling down beam is good feng shui cure to the bad chi generated from the falling down beams.
SKU: 5327
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2018 flying star kit is the best quck but effient feng shui tips 2018 to arrange house or office for the year of the Dog according to flying stars 2018. They include the information about feng shui bagua as well as feng shui enhancers, cures and feng shui
SKU: 4486
Featured the three celestial guardians Fu Dog, Chi Lin and Pi Yao, this 3 Celestial Guardians Five Element Yang Metal Cure is able to deflect the ominous energy of Three Killings.
SKU: 4151
7 jade ingots,which symbolize wealth and prosperity, are displayed on one star of David crystal base. This item is one of the best feng shui enhancers to enhance earth energy and activate wealth luck #8.
SKU: 5074
The beautiful gold and red 8 wealth trees, vibrantly colored birds, and colorful gems are designed to increase one’s luck, prosperity, and good fortune created by the annual #8 Prosperity Star.
SKU: 4858
These beautiful protective window stickers feature a powerful Dakini Amulet in the center to prevent one from thieves and robbers. One can attach these wonderful amulet stickers onto the vehicle windscreen and home windows to keep safe against robbery and
SKU: 5105
Use this Anti Burglary & Violence Window Sticker for protection against robbery, violence, and theft. The sticker is embellished in a sea of blue, and features the powerful Dakini Amulet to ward off negative chi and bad events.
SKU: 5365
Place this harmonious array – with an elephant and rhino pair – to drive off the negative chi of the #7 star. In 2018, the Robbery Star is in the East, and will affect the eldest son and those born in the Year of the Rabbit.
SKU: 4461
The Anti-Burglary & Violence Window Sticker has image of blue rhino and elephant with powerful syllable in the center. The blue rhino and elephant image possesses benign water power that is able to resolve the ominous metal energy of star of theft and...
SKU: 4563
This beautiful bai choi statue’s vibrant colors and elegant detailing make it a perfect ornament for a home, office, business center, etc. Since antiquity, the bai chai has been seen as a powerful symbol of wealth and opulence in Chinese culture.
SKU: 4944
Bai Choi has the meanings of wealth since Bai Choi is pronounced as hundreds of wealth in Chinese. Most business men would like to display Bai Choi in their officer to welcome money luck and boom business.
SKU: 5452
This beautiful bai choi features of one standing bai choi surrounding 8 money frogs and standing on one wooden like stand. Bai choi, which is also known as bok choy, bai chai, is a powerful symbol of wealth and opulence in Chinese art, literature, and c