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Lucky Figurines

Chinese gods, monkey king, eight immortals, four heavenly kings, tu di gong, tu di po, god of wealth, 3 Celestial Protectors are in lucky figurines category.  See more three wise men and Chinese Buddhism.

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Use these 3 Great Emperors on Horseback to accumulate your windfall luck and prosperity from the heavens. These figurines will attract meaningful relationships, and attract mentor and benefactor luck.
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The Four Heavenly Kings are the heaven worriers who carry distinctive magical weapons. They have the great powers to control the weather and climate on Earth and protect the four corners of the world.
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Designed with great detail, this bejeweled figurine features the powerful God of Wealth on a mighty tiger. Placing this figurine in the center of your home during 2018 will enhance your home’s auspicious aura and bring in fruitful finances and wealth.
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Place this beautiful Bejeweled Luohan for Scholastic Brilliance in your home or office to activate scholastic luck and enhance the dedication, strength, intelligence, and focus needed for success in education and school.
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Fuk means harmony family. Luk, sitting in the middle, stands for power. He is the god of high rank and affluence. Sau, a domed head and carrying a peach and walking stick, is the god of longevity.
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Confucius is the Father of Scholarly Luck. He, who was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher in 551 BC - 479 BC, is the ancestor of Confucianism.
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Eight Immortals are believed to have huge powers to solve people's problems. Displaying it at home/office is said to ward off the bad chi, problems and troubles in feng shui. It is best buy to buy one figurine to consist 8 immortals
SKU: 5344
The Eight Immortals are 8 gods in Chinese mythology. Each of the Eight Immortals has huge power to be transferred to a power tool that can bestow life or destroy evil.
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Sou is the god of Longevity. Placing it at home is believed to ward off illness chi
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It is said God of Wealth can bring good luck and wealth to home/office. There are one ingot and one Ru Yi, which mean good luck and wealth, are held in both his hands. He is also sitting on the dragon chair.
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God of wealth, who wearing dragon robe and carrying ingot and money sign, is believed that he can bring good luck and wealth to home or office.
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The Jade Emperor is believed to be the one who rules all the affairs of mankind and provides divine assistance when needed.The moon and the sun represent the energy and the balance of the entire universe; the wind chime symbolizes smooth journey of ...