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Dragon Phoenix

Feng Shui Dragon Phoenix

Feng shui dragon phoenix statue is the symbol of love. Chinese dragon phoenix category has phoenix pendants, dragon phoenix image, phoenix statue, jade phoenix and phoenix charm.  See more feng shui items for love.

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SKU: 5121
This magnificent statue features a pair of peacocks embellished with excellent craftsmanship, intricate detail, gorgeous color in a excellent demeanor. The pair of peacocks are proudly displaying their regal demeanor and glory.
SKU: 3504
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Phoenix is a mythological bird that is supreme beauty and she is pairing with Dragon. It is the queen of the Bird. Chinese call it Feng Huang or Chinese Phoenix. Feng Huang is the symbol of peace and prosperity.
SKU: 3549
Dragon phoenix mirror is used to increase love change and improve relationship. It is said to write down your name and your lover or the one that you wish to marry on one piece of paper and put it with the dragon phoenix mirror inside the pouch to ...
SKU: 4407
This pair of brass dragon phoenix is consisting of one brass dragon statue and one brass phoenix statue. Feng shui dragon phoenix statue is the symbol of love and harmony. Displaying them at love position can enhance your love life and bring happiness.
SKU: 2673
Featuring of one pair of black chopsticks and one pair of red chopsticks with dragon pictures, this beautiful Chinese chopstick gift set is perfect gift set.
SKU: 1830
This beautiful round shape jade stone is carved by hand with the image of Phoenix and double happiness sign. Phoenix is the symbol of peace and prosperity. It has the spirit of enhancing prosperous and harmonious chi.
SKU: 1030
Displaying such pair of beautiful colorful dragon phoenix at your bedroom will enrich your wonderful life. They are specially designed on tall stand to symbolize upper level. They are the perfect gifts for couple who wish or already have life of harmony a
SKU: 5122
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Wrapped in gorgeous vibrant colors of gold and red, this pair of Crimson Phoenixes stand triumphantly together. Place this pair of Crimson Phoenixes in your home or office for enhanced harmony, and chance for success !
SKU: 3610
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The beautiful brass heart shape amulet has one double happiness symbol with phoenix amulet on it. Double Happiness symbol and phoenix amulet are the excellent feng shui energizer for love and marriage.
SKU: 3824
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This pretty golden heart shape pendant has one double happiness symbol with phoenix on it. Double Happiness symbol and phoenix are the excellent feng shui energizer for love and marriage.
SKU: 5118
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This gorgeous Dragon and Phoenix Life Force and Love energizer features the triumphant dragon and the elegant phoenix in a harmonious relationship. In 2017, place this statue in the NE to activate the Peach Blossom Luck of the #4 Star.
SKU: 2331
Dragon phoenix has one dragon and one phoenix. Dragon Phoenix is the auspicious creature in Feng Shui to enhance love chance.