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Hand Fans

Chinese Hand fans, Spanish Hand Fans, Wedding Hand Fans

Hand fans have wedding hand fans, Chinese hand fans, Spanish hand fans, Japanese hand fans, hand fans for dancing,  Chinese silk fans and cloth hand fans.  Shop has hand fans wholesale too. 

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SKU: 3741
These beautiful advanced hand fans have Japanese style and they have good quality with pretty pictures.
SKU: 3916
This sandalwood hand fan with pictures is made out advanced sandalwood. When you open it, you also can smell sweet sandal scent.
SKU: 3197
This big hand fan has good quality with gold color background and beautiful pictures. It is made of cloth and wood slat. The length of it is approx. 13" and it has 24" in length when it is opened.
SKU: 1878
Chinese silk fan painted with different pictures of Chinese ancient lady. One small tassel attaches to the bamboo handle means good luck.
SKU: 4668
These beautiful decorative peacock style hand fans embroidered with sequins are great to keep in hand for cooling. The colors are various from multi-color, yellow, purple, red, green, hot pink to blue.
SKU: 5207
This beautiful black slab folding hand fan has picture of flowers and butterflies. Colors of the hand fans are various from green, pink, yellow, purple, black to red.
SKU: 4669
This black lace folding fan has feature of semi-transparent with pictures of rose. There are different colors of the lace folding fans - pink, green, yellow, red, purple, blue, white.
SKU: 4665
These beautiful blue color hand fans, which are printed with either pictures of flowers or auspicious animal, such as phoenix, peacock, are great to keep in hand for cooling.
SKU: 4659
These beautiful vibrant blue hand fan is embroidered with gorgeous golden flower detailing, golden borders, and silver designs. This blue hand fan is great for use, display, or a gift for friends and family.
SKU: 441
These Chinese cloth folding hand fans have black slab and black ground with pictures of either flowers or animals.
SKU: 4299
This hand fan holder is made of wood and it is good for displaying Chinese palace hand fan.
SKU: 1844
There are 6 different colors. You can choose the color by selecting the Color Box. If you order more than 6 fans, we will mix the colors for you even though you choose only one.