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Feng Shui Tortoises

Feng Shui Turtle Statues, Chinese Tortoise Statues

Feng Shui tortoise is the symbol of longevity and it stands for good health. Feng shui turtle statue is one of the most popular used feng shui products. Most feng shui consultants recommend to display Chinese turtle statues at home to signfy its feng shui turtle meaning in order to bring good health chi in.

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SKU: 2980
Big metal turtle is the symbol of longevity. It is believed that it can bring healthy chi. You can display it near your bed to ward off to bring health to you.
SKU: 2539
This beautiful colorful bejeweled cloisonne 3-turtle statue represents 3 generations which is the symbol of longevity. It is one of the collectible fine gifts.
SKU: 4140
Displaying such bis feng shui brass turtle at home can ward off sickness chi and bring good health since turtle is the symbol of longevity.
SKU: 2841
Turtle is the symbol of longevity. In feng shui, display turtle statute at home to represent good health. Brass metal enhance turtle's power to get healthy energy.
SKU: 2199
Turtle is the symbol of longevity. In feng shui, using turtle to represent good health.
SKU: 3441
The head, tail and legs of the brown turtle statue are swing-able. Displaying turtle at home is believe to bring healthy chi since it is the symbol of longevity. 5 little brown turtles are on the top of this green turtle statue represent harmony and good
SKU: 3052
Wearing jade turtle pendant can bring healthy energy. It is very beautiful and embedded with a lot of crystals.
SKU: 5413
This simple and chic accessory features 2 small dangly turtle charms and silver accents on a strong, adjustable red bracelet. This adjustable bracelet is perfect for both men and women, and serves as a perfect gift as well.
SKU: 819
Three turtles mean longevity. These three turtles represent three generation turtles together. These turtles swim in wave of water. It stands for health and courage.
SKU: 2061
Feng Shui Turtle is the symbol of longevity. Displaying it at home bring good healthy chi.
SKU: 2815
Turtle is the well known symbol of longevity. It is believed turtle can ward off illness energy and bring good health to you.