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Feng Shui Keychains

Lucky Keychains, Good Luck Keychains, Protection Keychains

Lucky keychains act as feng shui key chains, protection keychains or amulet keychains. Most of the lucky keychains are made of metal. Carrying one good luck keychain or protection keychain can bring good luck, wealth and protection.

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SKU: 2286
These lamp shape key chains can be used as real key charm as well as Christmas Tree decorations.
SKU: 3422
The 5 Element Pagoda amulet is carved with the Tree of Life in which has the meanings of giving us vigorous life. 5 Element Pagoda is specially designed to lower the affect of the deadly flying star 5 Yellow.
SKU: 2458
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5 element pagoda is one of the most powerful feng shui items to diminish the effect of flying star 5 yellow (5 yellow is the star causing serious sick). For whom easily get sick, it is the best choice to carry it all time.
SKU: 5128
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This Sun & Moon 5 Element Pagoda keychain glistens in vibrant color and design; use this lovely Five Element Pagoda for suppression of the Five Yellow Star in 2017, the Year of the Rooster.
SKU: 3019
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This 5 Element Pagoda keychain is attaching with one Tree of Life. 5 Element Pagoda is specially designed to lower the effect of the deadly flying star 5 Yellow. The Tree of Life give us vigorous life.
SKU: 2030
5 Element Pagoda is used to decrease the power of Flying Star Five Yellow. Flying Star Five Yellow can cause sick and disease. Carrying this 5 Element Pagoda Key chain will lower the power of Five Yellow and lower the change to get sick.
SKU: 5096
Beautifully designed with vibrant colors, craftsmanship, detail, and design, the annual spring amulet contains lovely flowers, leaves, and auspicious feng shui symbols for good fortune.
SKU: 5097
This lovely anti-burglary keychain for 2017 features the powerful elephant and double-horned rhinoceros. Use this key chain protection amulet as a barrier against negative chi brought by the Robbery Star #7.
SKU: 2356
Bai Choi is pronounced as hundred wealth in Chinese. Therefor Bai chai is the symbol of wealth. In fengshui, carrying Bai Choi key chain attract prosperity and money.
SKU: 2780
Bamboo has the meanings of safety. It also stands for career promotion - up and up. Carrying bamboo keychain secures your safety and boost your career.
SKU: 2044
Carrying Blessing Key Chain around you can bring good luck.
SKU: 4298
This protection keychain has one one chain of a lot of blue evil eyes with one big blue evil eye in the end. Evil eyes can see the evil spirits and keep you away evil spirits. Further more, evil eyes also can guard you from jealousy.