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Chi Lin

Feng Shui QiLin Statues, Chinese Dragon Horse, Kei Loons

Feng shui Qilin statue is one of the feng shui heavenly creatures to attract the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon. Feng shui Chi lin statue has dragon head and scales of carp over the horse body. Chi Lin is also called Chinese dragon horse, Kei Loons or Chinese Unicorn feng shui.

Qilin has the meanings of success, prosperity, wealth, enchantment and longevity. They are also the creature to bring good omens and outstanding offspring as well as keep off bad chi.

You can place chi in the North location to enhance career luck, Southweest corner to increase love chance and Northeast position to help children's education. 

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SKU: 5411
This excellently crafted 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque features the three powerful celestial guardians (fu dog, chi lin, and pi yao). These three Guardians (also known as the three Red Lions) are a powerful remedy against the malevolent Three Killings.
SKU: 3645
$49.99 $45.00
This 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque has 3 celestial guardian with mantras surrounding the image. The 3 Celestial Guardians are the celestial animals sent to Earth by the God of Heaven to safeguard the trinity of Heaven Earth and Human.
SKU: 4809
This rectangle shaped 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque, which has 3 celestial guardian with mantras surrounding the image of the 3 celestial guardian, is specially designed for lowing down the effect of 3 killings.
SKU: 2716
$39.50 $33.00
3 Chi Lin charm is one of the powerful feng shui products to descend the disasters caused by 3 killings. You can hang this metal 3 chi lin charm in the location of 3 killings located. The 3 Chi Lin charm is consisting of 3 divine guardians: Fu Dog...
SKU: 5145
This bejeweled chi lin seal features an exquisitely detailed chi lin in a sea of gorgeous gold detailing. The chi lin is also known as the dragon horse, and is a powerful feng shui cure for protection, support, and strength.
SKU: 5380
Vibrant and dazzling, this pair of Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau will bring in auspicious fortune and successful growth ! The red fu dogs eliminate the harmful energies of the #3 Star that indicate conflict and misfortune.
SKU: 4097
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This pair of big gorgeous wooden-like chi lin has two pieces of chi lin - One stepping on RuYi is used to safeguard the house whilst another one stepping on money bag is supposed to bring wealth.
SKU: 3147
Chinese Kei Loons are heavenly creatures that can bring wealth and offspring as well as ward off bad flying chi. This pair of Kei Loons is also stepping on four scholastic objects, coins and cloud. People call them dragon horse, kei loons or Chinese unic
SKU: 4138
This beautiful pair of brass chi lin known as dragon horse is one of the best feng shui enhancers to bring wealth and success. It is also the cure to stop losing money. Further more, chi lin is also the heaven creature to bring offspring to people.
SKU: 3208
Chi lin are also called Chinese dragon horses which have dragon head and horse body. They are heavenly creatures to bring wealth and success to your career. Some people use brass chi lin as cure and enhancement. They also can bring offspring to people.
SKU: 3023
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Chi Lin With Four Scholastic Objects is good for education. It is the symbol of good education. It is the activator to activate the flying star 4 green that is in charge of the education.
SKU: 4095
This pair of brass color chi lin has one male chi lin playing ball and one female chi lin with child. Displaying pair of chi lin at home can bring auspicious wealth energy in as well as ward off bad energy.