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Chinese Ingots, Feng Shui Ingots, Jade Ingots, Wealth Ingots

Chinese Ingots by feng shui are called feng shui ingots which represent wealth and prosperity. Wealth ingots have metal ingots, golden ingots, brass ingots, jade ingots and feng shui golden bar etc.

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SKU: 232
There are 12 Ingot in this set. The meaning of ingot is affluence and abundance. In ancient China, only very rich people have ingot at home. Therefore ingot is the symbol of wealth. You can put them in wealthy vase.
SKU: 1221
8 Jade ingots with red tassels are used to activate 8 white flying star. The 8 white flying star is good star in charge of wealth.
SKU: 4641
The gold ingot’s sparkling jewels, elegant detailing, and Chinese inscriptions of good fortune all add sparkle to this magnificent item. The gold ingot carries auspicious chi, and is bound to grant its beholder wealth luck, money luck, and good fortune.
SKU: 3957
Feng Shui gold bar is the powerful feng shui product to activate the wealthy chi. Gold bar is the symbol of wealth. The Chinese auspicious words: Fuk, Luk, Sao, Xi and Cai on each of the bars.
SKU: 887
$19.99 $17.99
Brass ingot is always related to wealth since only rich people in ancient Chinese have ingot at home. It has the meaning of prosperity, affluence and wealth. Therefore brass ingot can be displayed at home to symbolize wealth for feng shui purpose.
SKU: 2284
$26.99 $23.99
Feng shui metal golden ingots are the symbol of wealth and money. Displaying them at home/office is said to bring prosperity chi.
SKU: 3949
This beautiful golden feng shui ingot has the images of dragon phoenix chasing the ball on both sides. The feng shui ingot is the symbol of wealth and money whilst dragon phoenix is the significance of harmony. Such feng shui ingot can bring prosperity.
SKU: 4731
This magnificent feng shui ingot is inscribed in wonderful cravings, detailing, jewels, and symbols. Golden ingots are magnificent symbols for financial success, monetary luck, and fruitful business endeavors.
SKU: 2802
$14.99 $11.99
Feng Shui gold bar is the powerful feng shui product to activate the wealthy chi. It is the symbol of wealth. There are two kinds of gold bars: one carved with dragon image and another one with Chinese word (PURE GOLD) and 999 on it.
SKU: 2644
Golden basket filled of fengshui ingots represents wealth. Displaying something meanings of money, such as coins or ingot at home is believed to attract wealth. On Chinese New Year, it is recomended to display such product at home.
SKU: 2105
Jade Ingot is the symbol of wealth and money. Displaying them at home or office is said to bring prosperity. They are made of citrine.
SKU: 1405
Jade ingot charm is the symbol of wealth. You can hang it anywhere except bathroom to bring prosperity.