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Dragon Statues

Chinese Dragon Statues, Feng Shui Dragon Figurines

Dragon sign is the fifth Chinese zodiac sign.  Zodiac dragon is the secret friend of the Zodiac rooster. Chinese zodiac dragon is allied with Chinese zodiac rat and zodiac monkey.  Chinese horoscope dragon is against horoscope dog.

Chinese Dragon statues are in this category and feng shui dragon figurines are for the year of the dragon (wholesale dragon statues).  Further more, displaying one Chinese dragon statue is good for those who are allied with dragon sign or secret friend of dragon sign. Contact us for wholesale dragon statues.

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SKU: 2870
2 of Chinese white paper lanterns with dragon pictures are for above price. They are made of paper. The diameter of it is approx. 14".
SKU: 5013
This bell charm is consisting of 9-bells (3 bells in each layer), pagoda shape and vibrant dragon on the top. Hanging such charm bell at home can ward off bad spirits, purify environment and transfer bad energy into good energy.
SKU: 5127
$19.99 $15.99
Carry this golden dragon amulet keychain for auspicious chi in 2017 and for triumph in all personal, scholastic, career, business, and relationship endeavors.
SKU: 4849
The bejeweled dragon and seal both represent high ranking and power. This item thus brings one great career and promotional luck. It is very beneficial for those in management level.
SKU: 4106
$19.99 $16.99
This vivid bejeweled dragon pendant can bring cosmic chi. It is the excellent activator to activate the good flying star One White which is in control of further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship, especially good for business.
SKU: 4396
This bejeweled golden dragon statue is one of the auspicious feng shui animals. It is believed that celestial dragon figurine can bring auspicious chi in. The pearl in its mouth represents treasure and prosperity.
SKU: 3495
$118.00 $98.00
This gorgeous imperial blue water dragon accented with diamond-like crystal jewels is the symbol of success and wealth. The sea on which the imperial water dragon riding on represents abundant and wealth. Using blue enhances its water character since blue
SKU: 3318
$64.00 $58.00
The Bejeweled Red Dragon combines the power of the dragon and flaming sword. The dragon is the traditional feng shui product to bring good fortune and the flaming sword can swipe all obstacles in your way.
SKU: 4979
This bell charm features of brown color mystic knot and one bell with images of double dragon. Hanging such charm bell at home can ward off bad spirits, purify environment and transfer bad energy into good energy.
SKU: 2843
Dragon chasing ball is the auspicious scene of good luck, prosperity and wealth. It is believed that displaying dragon statue at home/office can attract auspicious energy. The ball here is the symbol of treasure. Brass metal enhances its power.
SKU: 1106
This picture depicts three Chinese dragons chasing one fire ball which is the symbol of wealth. Dragon is one of the most auspicious animals.
SKU: 3395
The beautiful wooden like Chinese dragon with one ball in its paw is flying on the cloud. It is the auspicious animal to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth. The ball here is the symbol of treasure.