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Tumbled Stones

Natural Polished Tumbled Stones

This natural tumbled stones category are natural polished stones.  Natural gemstones amethyst tumbled stones, black tourmaline tumbled stones, rose quartz tumbled stone, citrine tumbled stone, sodalite, gold tiger, blue tiger, tree agate, red jasper, blue agate, red agate, hematite, moonstone, black onyx, smoky, carnelian, rutile quartz and amazonite etc.

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SKU: 4547
Amazonite natural stones -- in captivating shades a bright turquoise – are highly valued for their ability to instill harmony and increase self-confidence. Amazonite stones help temper aggression, tame chaotic thoughts, and increase self-confidence.
SKU: 4541
This beautiful amethyst tumbled polished stone is highly esteemed for both its magnificent beauty and its outstanding spiritual powers. The amethyst powerfully strengthens creativity and spirituality, and are also powerful meditation stones.
SKU: 4245
Recognized as the stone of opportunity and luck, aventurine is very beneficial for windfall luck. It is said that one should never buy a lottery ticket without an aventurine in one's left pocket.
SKU: 2494
Bag of Amazonite natural stone has the meanings of self awareness.
SKU: 2970
Bag of amethyst natural stone is the stone of meditation. It can used as healing cure and releasing pressure.
SKU: 2485
Bag of Aventurine tumble natural stone has the meanings of success.
SKU: 2490
Bag of Black Tourmaline natural tumble stones has the meanings of protections.
SKU: 2486
Bag of Carnelian natural stone has the meanings of creativity. It has the red brown color.
SKU: 2492
Bag of Citrine natural stone has the meanings of wealth.
SKU: 2495
Bag of natural stone includes one jewelry pouch and 12 pieces of stone - 1 of Agate Jasper, amazonite, aventurine, black tourmaline, carnelian, rose quartz, rutile quartz, smokey quartz, sodalite, zebra jasper and 2 of citrine.
SKU: 2491
Bag of Rose Quartz natural tumble stones has the meanings of love.
SKU: 2493
Bag of Rutile Quartz natural stone has the meanings of wisdom. It has clear color with lines inside.