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Chinese cloisonne bejeweled items are Chinese collectible gifts - Chinese items. They were made out of copper and embedded with beautiful crystals. Pictures were hand painted and color would never fade since they were burned on the fire.  They can be used as bejeweled jewelry or feng shui items to act as feng shui cures or enhancers.

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SKU: 5074
The beautiful gold and red 8 wealth trees, vibrantly colored birds, and colorful gems are designed to increase one’s luck, prosperity, and good fortune created by the annual #8 Prosperity Star.
SKU: 5378
$168.00 $138.00
Welcome auspicious luck and positive chi into your life with this magnificent Bejeweled 108 Tangerine Tree! The 108 tangerines on the tree represent plentiful wealth, financial luck, and personal growth for the year and activates the #8 star.
SKU: 4683
With its abilities to energize wealth and abundance, the gold arowana is said to be the most expensive of all freshwater aquarium fish. Placing an arowana figurine in your home or office will boost your opulence and career luck.
SKU: 3371
The red golden bejeweled arowana fish embedded with red yellow crystals is the perfect feng shui item for attracting wealth since arowana fish is regarded as emperor in fish kingdom for the powerful stimulant in create authority and wealth.
SKU: 2385
Bai Choi is feng shui cabbage which is the symbol of wealth. It is pronounced as hundred wealth in Chinese. In practice feng shui, displaying Bejeweled Bai Choi (cabbage) at home/office can attract prosperity and money chi.
SKU: 2188
The bejeweled cloisonne Beijing ducks sitting on lotus represent happiness, conjugal fidelity, harmony and truly love. They are also called Mandarin Ducks or Love Geese. Displaying them at the love position can enhance love chance and improve relationship
SKU: 2980
Big metal turtle is the symbol of longevity. It is believed that it can bring healthy chi. You can display it near your bed to ward off to bring health to you.
SKU: 4610
This lovely horse figurine is excellently crafted, and features beautiful painting, nice vibrant colors, and colorful sparkling jewels. The horse is a universal symbol of endurance, strength, power, victory, success, and independence.
SKU: 3897
$99.00 $88.00
Chundi has 18 arms with different treasures or weapon to protect you from 18 types of harms. Chundi can conquests all kinds of evils and she has great power to ward off any adverse effects, cure evils and let followers achieve success.
SKU: 2539
This beautiful colorful bejeweled cloisonne 3-turtle statue represents 3 generations which is the symbol of longevity. It is one of the collectible fine gifts.
SKU: 5242
This gorgeous apple is crafted with superior quality, complemented with rich vibrant red color, and accentuated with sparkling jewels on its leaf. It makes this bejeweled cloisonne apple a perfect ornament for a desk, room, office, home, etc.
SKU: 5239
This absolutely gorgeous bejeweled cloisonne brown windhorse accented with sparkling crystals is stepping on the bed of coins to brings one victory, wealth and fame. It protects one against hostile forces and assists him to enhance your inner vitality...