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Indoor Water Fountain
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Buddha Water Fountains

Buddha Water Foutanins

Buddha fountains have small Buddha fountains, big Buddha fountains and Chinese Buddha fountains at feng shui import. Buddha fountains wholesale too.  Placing one Buddha fountain at home can bring peace, good luck, protections, good health and wealth in feng shui.

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SKU: 3252
$92.00 $85.00
The Buddha water fountain has one red Buddha holding ingots and moving the grinder to produce water. Ingot and water in feng shui represents wealth. So this water fountain has the meanings of bringing money luck.
SKU: 4329
Featuring happiness, money and good health is the essential of this Buddha fountain. By feng shui, wu lou stands for good health and coins represents money. Both of these two money symbols are carried in by this happy Buddha.
SKU: 4328
This beautiful Buddha water fountain features one money Buddha surrounding by one dragon. The money Buddha carrying one money bag and ingot signify to bring money in whilst dragon enhances its power of water feature.
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LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain
SKU: 3300
One money Buddha in red robe is stepping on Chinese coins and ingots and carries coins, peaches and ru yi. Water makes the crystal ball in front of the Money Buddha running and falls down to the base. It is one of most pretty Buddha fountain.
SKU: 3285
$98.00 $92.00
The Buddha water fountain has the Buddha in red robe holds the big ingot with crystal ball on it. The running water makes the crystal rolling which stands for wealth. The Buddha is peace and happy which represents happiness and harmony too.