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Unique Style & Wall Water Fountains

Feng Shui Fountains, Hanging Wall Fountains

This unique water fountain category has wall hanging fountains, Chinese fountains and feng shui fountains, such as rhino fountain, 8 water fountain for wealth, etc.

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SKU: 3524
$98.00 $85.00
8 Symbol is used to activate Flying Star 8 White which is in charge of wealth and fortune. Water represent wealth in feng shui. This 8 Water Feature combines both of them.
SKU: 3297
This wall water fountain can be hanged on the wall. Water comes from top basket to the bottom basket. In addition, this wall fountain is decorated with some artificial leaves and beautiful pictures.
SKU: 3301
The stunning golden Ox stepping on the bed of the gold coins with running crystal ball inside is the main theme of this water fountain. The meanings of the golden ox are booming business and prosperity whilst water represents wealth by feng shui.
SKU: 3266
$66.00 $49.99
This water fountain is like a big ceramic vase. Besides the water makes the crystal running in the center of the vase and falling down, it also drip from the mouth of the vase and down to the small pots one by one.
SKU: 3298
$116.00 $106.00
This wall water fountain can be hanged on the wall which is like one 3-D picture. Water comes from the bamboo pile on the top to the vase one by one. Bamboo is the main theme of this wall fountain.
SKU: 3240
$92.00 $85.00
Water comes from 2 parts: bamboo pile and grinder. Then goes down to the basket. It is beautiful indoor water fountain for your home.
SKU: 3267
$68.00 $49.99
The main style of the water fountain is vase-shape water fountain: water is running from one vase to another, then back to the biggest vase. In addition, the crystal ball inside the biggest vase is also running when it is plugged. The water fountain lik
SKU: 3268
$68.00 $49.99
Water is transferring between this vase-shaped water fountain: from one vase to another, then back to the vase itself. In addition, water also makes the crystal ball running and falling down from one side of the vase. It is a beautiful fountain.
SKU: 3304
$65.00 $49.99
This water fountain likes several buckets stacked together. Water makes the crystal ball rolling and comes down from the top bucket to the bottom.
SKU: 3269
$118.00 $108.00
This water fountain has very special design - like the water pump machine that pumps the water into the vase, then water drips down to the small vases one by one. Besides this, water also falls down inside the big vase to make it like the water fall.
SKU: 3282
The style of the water fountain is that one lady pours water into the pot to make the crystal ball running, then water drips down to the pot that the little girl is holding.
SKU: 3281
The water fountain is designed one lady pouring water into the big vase to make the crystal ball running. Then water falls down along the wall fountain.